Frequently Asked Questions for sellers (see below for buyers): 

What does Edelo.co do?

Edelo.co is an online marketplace that allows travelers to sell their non-refundable hotel reservations that they either longer need or able to use. We cater to both buyers and sellers. Travelers can buy/ book the reservations directly from our website

How do I sell bookings?

You can simply email us at admin@edelo.co and we will handle trying to find a buyer for your reservation through our extensive advertising on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, Instagram, Twitter,  plus our other affiliate partner websites.

What if it's a non- refundable/ non- cancellable booking? 

Not only will we try and find another traveler to buy your booking, we work directly with the property to ammend the booking details. 

When can I list my reservations with you?

We require the check in date to be at least 48 hours to ensure a smooth transfer process for you, the buyer, and the property. 

What if I manage to sell my reservation on my own while it's still active on your site?

Simply let us know as soon as possible in order for us to delist it on our end. 

How can I be I will get payment upon the succesful sale and transfer of my reservation?

We release payment (less our commission) to your nominated bank account within 48 hours of the guest succesfully checking in to the hotel as a security measure and to avoid the reservation from being sold/ transferred more than once. 

What is your commission and what does it get me?

We charge 15% commission which is deducted upon succesfully securing payment  for your reservation. The 15% gets you access to our extensive advertising on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, social media advertising to our  other affiliate partner websites. 

Any fees I should be aware of?

In some instances, the hotel may charge a nominal fee of transferring the reservation to the new traveler. We try and work with theproperty and channel directly to avoid fees of that nature. However, in the event that the fee cannot be waived, we will communicate with you all the options in advance.

Is Edelo.co registered and a legally trading company?

Yes, edelo is registered with Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC).

What languages do your work with?

While we have a small but diverse team, we are only able to process reservations that are  in English. 

What currencies do your work with?

At the moment, we are only able to trade in the following currencies: USD, NZD, AUD, EURO, POUND, and ZAR (South African Rand). 

Frequently Asked Questions for buyers: 

Are all bookings booked through your website non- refundable/ non- cancellable?

Not always. Cancellation policies vary. If you have questions about a specific reservation, please feel free to email us at admin@edelo.co, and we will be able to further assist you. 

How can I pay for the booking?

We accept all major debit and credit cards. We also accept paypal. 

How do I get in touch with you?

You may email us at admin@edelo.co or contact us us +27 78 789 3852

How can I be sure that the booking is confirmed?

Upon succesful payment, we will send you a booking confirmation within 24 hours. You will also be able to contact the hotel directly to confirm our booking


If you have any other question, you may email us at admin@edelo.co or contact us us +27 78 789 3852 and one of our friendly consultants will be happy to assist you


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